Everybody knows the one, cardinal rule of successfully dining-and-dashing: Do not, under any circumstances, leave your child behind at the restaurant.

Unfortunately for the two Canadian adults who attempted to flee a Brandon restaurant without paying for their meal, the ol’ no-child-left-behind-when-thieving rule must have slipped their mind, because after racking up a $135 bill, CTV News Winnipeg reports that the husband and wife bolted the restaurant, abandoning their 10-year-old daughter at the dinner table.

The manager then called the police to the restaurant and reported what happened to the officers; police told CTV Winnipeg that they located the suspects not far from the restaurant. Both the husband and the wife were reportedly intoxicated.

The couple was arrested on June 7, and both face charges of Food by Fraud. They are set to appear in court in July.

More importantly, the girl was turned over to Child and Family Services. Good luck to all the basic, future suitors who try wooing her over with dinner and a movie.

Sources: CTV News Winnipeg / Photo credit: Chicago Genie